unit1 My name’s Gina期末复习知识点归纳

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unit1 My name’s Gina期末复习知识点归纳

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unit1 My name’s Gina期末复习知识点归纳

  1, What’s your name? My name’s Jenny. / I’m Jenny. / Jenny.
  May I have your name? Yes, my name’s Jenny.
  What’s his/her name? His/Her name’s Tony/Gina.
  2, I’m Tony Brown. What’s your full name?
  My full name/ It is Tony Brown.
  My first name is Tony.
  My last name/family name is Brown.
  3, What’s your/his/her telephone/phone number? It’s 555-3539.语法:1,形容词性物主代词:my(我的) your(你的) his/her/its(他/她/它的)
  our(我们的) your(你们的)their(他们的)
  后面需要接名词,修饰名词,做前置定语。 在句中可作主语,宾语等成分。
  My book is here. This is my book.
  I you he/she/ it
  we you they
  在句中做主语,一般放句首,后面紧跟 am/is/are 及其他动词。
  I’m a student. She looks great.
  词汇:1. my pron. 我的 形容词性物主代词还有his,her,your
  2.由name构成的短语first name 名字 last name 姓氏 family name 姓氏
  3.“电话号码”的表达方式: telephone number phone number
  4. 本单元出现的缩写有: I’m = I am what’s = what is it’s =it is
  5. answer n. 回答;答案(也可做动词“回答”,如answer the questions)
  1. What +be 动词+your(his/her) name? What’s your name?
  What’s his name? What’s her name?
  2. 自我介绍时常用语: My name’s Jenny. I’m Gina.
  3.表达第一次和某人见面的高兴之情: Nice to meet you!
  4. 询问别人的电话号码: What’s your telephone number?
  5. 询问别人的姓氏常用语: What’s her family name?

章 来源莲山课件 ww w.
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