Unit8 Is there a post office near here?知识点整理

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Unit8 Is there a post office near here?知识点整理

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Unit8 Is there a post office near here?知识点整理


1.across form 在......的对面

2.in front of 在......的前面

3.between...and... 在......和......之间 4.go along 沿着......走

5.turn left/right 向左/右 8.spend time together 共享时间

6.spend time 花时间 9.at the first crossing 在第一个十字路口

7.enjoy doing 享受/喜欢做......


1.—Is there a bank near here? —附近有银行吗?

—Yes, there is. It’s on Center Street. —是的,有。在中心。

2.—Are there any restaurants near here? —附近有餐馆吗?

—Yes,there is one in front of the post office. —是的,有。邮局前面有一家。

3. To get to the park, you just have to cross Center Street. 为了到达公园你必须穿过中心大街。 4. When I read books. time goes quickly.当我读书时,时间过得很快。

5. Go down the street and turn left at first crossing. 沿着条街走到第一个十字路口左转。


文 章来源 莲
山 课 件 w w w.
5Y k J. c oM