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           初三英语                  2017.11
第一部分  听对话回答问题(10分)
(   ) 1. Which country is the man from?
           A.     B.       C. 
    (   ) 2. How does Maria’s father go on business?
A.      B.           C. 
    (   ) 3. Where may the dialogue happen?
           A.    B.     C. 
    (   ) 4. What will the woman probably do first?
           A.    B.    C. 
 (   ) 5. How many people will go to the meeting tomorrow?
          A. Five.    B. Four.       C. Three.
(   ) 6. Where is the post office?
           A. In front of the pizza house. 
B. Opposite the supermarket.  
C. Between the pizza house and the supermarket.
(   ) 7. What day is it today?
           A. Wednesday.   B. Sunday.      C. Friday.
(   ) 8. What can we learn from the talk?
           A. Michael doesn’t know how to do it.
           B. Michael will take the advice.
           C. Michael will have an exam.
(   ) 9. Where are the two speakers?
           A. In a shop.   B. In a restaurant.   C. In a hotel.
(   ) 10. What is the cost of all the tickets?
           A. 72 yuan.   B. 54 yuan.    C. 96 yuan.
第二部分  听对话和短文回答问题(10分)
(   ) 11. Where may the dialogue happen?
A. At a concert.     B. Over the phone.     C. Outside a theater.
(   ) 12. Why was the man late?
A. He helped a friend in need.
B. He met a friend in need.   
C. He visited a friend in need.
Why is jogging popular
Reason 1 ● healthy and relaxing
● good exercise without    13    
Reason 2 ● simple and cheap
● what you need to do: wear    14   
Reason 3 ● can help you get away from your    15    
● can make you energetic and confident
(   ) 13. A. running     B. jumping        C. hurting
(   ) 14. A. a smile    B. trainers    C. A&B
(   ) 15. A. daily life     B. strange mood       C. bad habits
(   ) 16. Where did the story happen?
A. In France.    B. In England.       C. In the USA.
(   ) 17. What did the man do in the bar(酒吧) for a few days?
A. He asked for one big glass of beer and drank bit by bit.
B. He asked for two glasses of beer and put them together.
C. He asked for two glasses of beer and drank them one by one.
(   ) 18. Why was the waiter worried?
A. Something happened to the man.
B. The man didn’t come to the bar.  
C. The man’s brother might be in trouble.
(   ) 19. How many glasses of beer did the man ask for one day?                   
A. One.          B. Two.            C. None.
(   ) 20. Did the man give up drinking?
A. No.    B. Yes.     C. We don’t know.
二、单项选择  在A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。(本大题共14小题,每小题1分,共14分)
21. Do not let any failures influence your moods, for you can never tell ___________ close you may be to victory.
A. what    B. how            C. why               D. where
22. Mary, a clever girl, has ___________ a new method to solve the hard math problem.
   A. gone on with  B. caught up with  C. come up with  D. kept up with
23. —Why not go on a trip, say, to Hangzhou or Beijing?
   —That’s a good ____________.
A. question       B. saying          C. decision           D. suggestion
24. —Which of the two shirts would you like?
   — ____________. I don’t like their styles.
A. Either        B. Both          C. None           D. Neither
25. —When shall I hand in my report, Mr. Wu?    
—Not until it ____________ tomorrow.
A. will be finished     B. will finish          C. is finished         D. finishes
26. On November 11, many young people spend ___________ money shopping in TMALL.
A. a number of        B. the number of  
C. a great deal          D. a great deal of
27. Roger Federer, a 36-year-old tennis player, won his eighth Wimbledon title in July because he improved his warm-up exercises to stay fresh and ____________ for hard training.
   A. curious    B. modest   C. energetic   D. practical
28. —Look! He’s jumping so far!
—Hard to ____________ his legs were once broken.
A. know         B. find    C. imagine         D. realize
29. It was not yet 9 o’clock ____________ we got to the Joy Valley last time.
A. since     B. until     C. when     D. because
30. My dear, if you can finish this task on your own ____________ hard work, you will become
more confident, I think.
A. with       B. by       C. through      D. of
31. What a terrible experience! _________, you are safe now—that’s the most important thing.
   A. Anyway   B. Moreover   C. Otherwise   D. Indeed
32. —Wow, such a nice computer you’ve bought.
   —Yes, it is of __________ to me, but I must say it also cost me a lot.
   A. no use   B. great help   C. much value   D. little importance
33. Excuse me, could you tell me ___________?
A. when World War II was broken out   B. who your best friend is
C. where is the nearest hospital          D. when will the No.5 bus come
34. —Hongqiao Airport, sir, please! I’ll be there by 10.
—___________, but I’ll try my best.
A. I can’t promise B. No problem     C. All right   D. It’s impossible
二、完形填空  先通读下而的短文,掌握其大意,然后在每小题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并住答题卡上将该项涂黑。(本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)
I used to hate being called upon in class mainly because I didn’t like others to notice me. And if I was not told to have a seat by the teacher, I always   35   to sit at the back of the classroom.
All this changed after I joined a sports team. It began when a teacher suggested I join the basketball team. At first I thought it was a crazy idea because I didn’t have a good sense of balance, and I didn’t have the   36   to keep up with the others in the team and they would laugh at me. But because the teacher kept insisting on(坚持) my “  37   for it”, I decided to give a try.
Getting up the   38   to try was only the half of it! When I first started   39  the practice courses, I didn’t even know the rules of the game. Sometimes I’d get confused (迷惑的) and take a shot at the wrong direction — which made me feel really silly.   40  , I wasn’t the only one “new” at the game, so I decided to learn the game, do my best at each practice course, and not be too hard on myself for the things I didn’t know.
I practiced and practiced. Soon I knew the   41   and the “moves”. Being part of a team was not so difficult. Very soon the exciting part for me was WINNING   42   I didn’t have enough confidence. With time, I learned how to play and made friends. I never had so much fun!
With more self-confidence comes more praise from teachers and classmates. I have gone from “   43  ” in the back of the classroom and not wanting to call attention to myself,   44   raising my hand — even when I sometimes wasn’t and not 100 percent sure I had the right answer. Now I have more self-confidence in myself.
35.  A. hoped          B. agreed            C. chose        D. meant   
36.  A. duty           B. patience         C. chance           D. ability
37.  A. asking         B. looking           C. cheering          D. going
38.  A. strength          B. courage            C. stress          D. knowledge
39.  A. enjoying        B. preparing         C. attending         D. watching
40.  A. Interestingly     B. Hopefully      C. Exactly         D. Luckily
41.  A. steps           B. orders            C. rules             D. games
42.  A. so        B. because           C. though          D. when
43.  A. hiding    B. playing           C. relaxing           D. dreaming
44.  A. by             B. to               C. with              D. for
三、阅读理解   阅读下面的短文,然后根据短文内容,在每小题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。(本大题共13小题,每小题2分,共26分)
45. The return ticket from Liverpool to London was __________.
A. $2   B. $30.3    C. £134.5   D. £67.25
46. The wedding took place ___________.
A. April 13  B. September 10  C. August 20  D. June 11
47. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. You can take a pet to the theatre.
B. Ice Age4 is the name of the theatre.
C. The train ticket was an expensive return ticket.
D. The wedding was held in ST. JAMES CHURCH.
“One father is worth more than a hundred schoolmaster,” Britain poet George Herbert once said. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, agrees.
When he was a little kid, Gates was silent and hated to talk with others. He spent most of his time alone—reading books and thinking. To help his son, Gates’ father held family meetings and let him play simple games with family members. “These activities seemed silly but they improved my leading and working-together abilities,” Gates said later.
While mothers offer a more gentle kind of love, fathers teach qualities like independence(独立), confidence, courage and adventure(冒险). Children learn these things from their fathers when they play sports or games together.
British scientists showed that children who grow up without their fathers may have many problems. They may not have enough courage for facing difficulties, may be shy and worried or may even commit crimes (犯罪).
A caring father can help children get along well with others. Fathers not only lead their children into social circles but also teach them how to behave and control their feelings. Moreover, fathers let you know who you are. They lead you to learn what you should be like as a girl or a boy.
48. To help Bill Gates, the father played __________ games with him.
A. simple and silly    B. difficult but useful
C. silly and useless    D. simple but useful
49. According to the story, a caring father is less likely to do the following EXCEPT_________.
A. offer a gentle kind of love
B. help kids get along well with others
C. teach children how to behave and control feelings
D. help you learn what you should be like
50. The main idea of the story is ____________.
A. A father plays an important role in the growth of a child.
B. Parents offer different kinds of love to their children.
C. How Bill Gates became the richest man.
D. The possible dangers of children without fathers.
Paul was a rich young man. When his father died, he left Paul a beautiful forest manor(庄园). Unluckily, before Paul could sell it for a lot of money, a lightening strike caused a fire that destroyed it. Watching the beautiful green trees turned into ash(灰烬)overnight, Paul felt his heart break.
In order to bring back the forest manor’s beauty, Paul tried to borrow money from a bank. But the bank refused him, for the bank didn’t believe he’d pay it back. Then he felt too frustrated to eat or drink. So he hid in his room for days. His wife was worried about him and suggested he take a break outside.
Paul went for a walk. When he turned the first corner, he saw a store with a huge group of people. It turned out that the housewives were waiting in line to buy charcoal(煤炭)used for winter heating.
Then Paul’s eyes lit up. He ran home and paid some charcoal workers to change the forest’s burnt trees into charcoal.
As soon as his charcoal went on the market, it was sold out quickly. Soon, he sold more than 1,000 boxes of charcoal.
The following year in the spring, he used the money to buy a large number of seedlings(树苗). After a few years, the forest manor that everyone thought had disappeared came to life again.
51. Why did Paul want to borrow money from a bank?
A. He wanted to buy some charcoal for winter heating
B. He wanted to use the money to make his manor beautiful again
C. He didn’t want to use the money his father left him
D. He didn’t want to borrow money from others
52. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. Paul hid in his room because he didn’t have money to pay back the loan.
B. Paul’s wife suggested he take a break and go outside.
C. Charcoal was highly needed for winter heating at the market.
D. Paul made some money by selling charcoal made from the burnt forest.
53. What is the main idea of the story?
A. A lot of things are unexpected in the business world.
B. Avoiding the facts doesn’t solve problems.
C. If you don’t help yourself, then nobody else will help you, either.
D. There is something good even in an unpleasant situation.
One day I went to a store with a list. “Excuse me,” I said. A lady with glasses looked up, saying, “I’m Miss Bee. Come closer and let me look at you. I want to be able to describe you to the police if something is missing from the store.”
“I’m only a little girl, not a thief !”I was surprised.
“But I think you’re potential (有可能的) ,”she said.
“I need these,”I said, holding up my list.
“So what? I am not a person who works for you. Go to get them.”she said.
The store was a puzzle to me. It took me two hours to find everything on the list. “That packet of beans is only 29 cents, but you asked me for 35 cents.” I corrected her. She didn’t seem unhappy, just looked at me over her glasses.
The following summer I visited Miss Bee some times a week. She always found ways to fool me. Or shortly after I remembered the places of something on the shelf, she arranged (重排) the shelves again and made me hunt for them again. By the end of the summer the shopping trip that had once taken me an hour was done in 15 minutes.
One morning I was to get a packet of chocolate.“Miss Potential, what did you learn this summer?she said.“That you’re a meanie (刻薄鬼)!” I answered angrily. But she laughed, “Well, I believe my job is to teach every child I meet life lessons to help them. When you get older, you’ll be glad our paths crossed!”Glad I met Miss Bee? Ha! It was absurd.
Until one day my daughter said,“Could you finish my math problems for me?”“How will you ever learn to do it yourself if I do it for you?”I said. Suddenly, I was back at that store where I had learned the hard way to check my bill. Now I have known what Miss Bee did for me. She is my good teacher.
54. Why did Miss Bee arrange the shelves again and again?
A. To laugh at the writer.     B. To teach the writer some skills.
C. To think about other customers’ need.  D. To avoid her things being stolen.
55. What does the underlined word “absurd” mean?
A. 开心的   B. 令人兴奋的  C. 令人费解的    D. 荒谬的
56. Which word can best describe the writer’s feelings for Miss Bee in the last paragraph?
A. Thankful.  B. Hateful.   C. Uncomfortable.  D. Unkind.
57. The purpose of writing the text is to tell us _________.
A. the facts about a kind person-Miss Bee
B. how to teach your children life lessons
C. people should check everything carefully
D. the good teacher isn’t only in the school
四、词汇运用  (本大题共8小题,每小题1分,共8分)
1.Children’s action can be ____________ (影响) by their parents’ behaviour.
2. Let’s plan a surprising party for Mum’s _____________(四十)birthday.
3. — You will _____________(无疑地)come first as long as you work together.
  — Yes. Teamwork makes a dream work.
4. Some actions have been taken _____________(对抗)unsuitable use of shared bikes.
(B) 根据句意,在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出括号内所给单词的适当形式。
5. The plane was able to fly over the endless desert without _____________ (difficult).
6. The wife got even _____________ (mad) when the husband went out angrily.
7. While _____________ (attend) junior high, he was the top student in our class.
8. To our surprise, he turned away with an _____________ (patient) look.
五、动词填空  用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,并将答案写在答题卡对应题号的横线上。(本大题共8小题,每小题1分,共8分)
1. —You didn’t buy your mum anything for her birthday, did you?
—No. I forgot ____________ (buy). I feel really sorry for that.
2. My buddy, Andrew played in a tennis league after he ____________ (graduate) from college.
3. Mary ____________ (talk) on the phone, so I just nodded to her and went away.
4. —It is said that a space station ____________ (build) on the moon.
—How amazing! But it may take a long time, I guess.
5. —How does your mother go to work?
—By bike. But he ____________ (take) a bus when it rains.
6.  As soon as he ____________ (offer) a well-paid job, he called his parents to tell them the good news.
7  A report shows that the price of new houses ____________ (rise) by 20%. This makes it
    hard for young people to afford one.
8. You can’t imagine what problems I had ____________ (express) myself clearly at the beginning.
六、阅读填空  先通读下面的短文,然后根据短文内容,在文章后表格的空格内填入一个最恰当的单词。所填单词必须写在答题卡对应题号的横线上。每个空格只能填一个单词。(本大题共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)
     Anger is a natural reaction(反应) which comes out when we feel that we have not been treated fairly. The good side of this negative emotion(负面情绪)is that it has helped us to shape and improve our manners. However it will become a problem if we can’t control it. For example, sometimes it happens that your anger hurts others or breaks your friendship and you regret later. It is also bad for the health.
     We should control anger so that it does not cause harm to us or to those we love. One of the best ways to control anger is to get help from others. If you feel that you are unable to manage your anger, it can make more trouble. So tell someone that is close to you, a friend or a family member about your problem. When you discuss a matter with others, there is a better chance to solve your problems. Besides, to be humorous is a good choice to reduce your anger. When you feel that it is because of stress that your anger is out of control, you can use humor. It can help you look at difficult things in a lighter way and you will feel better about the things around you.
      Anger makes us have a lot of negative thoughts. So we have to change the negative thoughts into positive ones. For this, you must say ‘No’ to all the negative thoughts in your mind first. This can be done with a lot of practice. When you are successful in that, you have to think only about positive things of life.
Meditation(冥想)is an excellent anger management way. What’s more, what we do is to keep ourselves from the outer world, and just care about the inner world. This helps us develop a sense of controlling our thoughts that can cause anger.
Definition(定义) Anger is a natural reaction which comes out when people    1   us unfairly.
Positive sides Help us develop better manners.
Negative sides Hurt others. Break your relationships. Being bad for your health.
How to   2   with your anger Get help from others. Discuss your problems with   3    friends or family
 Use humor. It can help you look at difficult things in a lighter way.
 Think positively.    4   all the negative thoughts and focus only on positive things.
 Practice meditation Help us    5   our thoughts which cause anger.

七、完成句子  按所给的汉语,用英语完成下列句子,并将答案与在答题卡对应题号的横线上。(本大题共6小题,每小题1.5分,共9分)
1. 过马路时再怎么小心也不为过。
   You _________________________ when you are getting across the street.
2. 尽管他参加过几个足球队的选拔,但是几乎没人赏识他的天赋。
   _________________________ several football teams, few people appreciated his gift.
3. 每次听这首歌,我总会想起曾经的快乐时光。
   Listening to this song every time _________________________ the happy time I once had.
4. 如今,很多年轻人既不锻炼,又不注重健康的生活方式。
   Nowadays, many young people ________________________________ the healthy lifestyle.
5. 环保意识深入人心。因此,比起开车,人们更喜欢骑车去上班。
   People care more about the environment. They would rather __________________their cars.
6. 目前他已经落在别的同学后面了,唯有他认真起来,才能取得进步。
   ___________________________ his classmates at present. Only if he gets serious, can he
make progress.
初三是重要的学年之一,针对两个多月以来的初三学习生活,众多学生有喜悦也有失意,某英语报将开展“How to Face Grade Nine”征文比赛,请你根据提示的内容,简要描述并适当发表自己的观点,写一篇英语短文。内容要点如下表:
鼓足信心  一切皆有可能;
 灰心泄气,则一事无成;
勤奋细心  勤奋,终将进步;
 学会细心,因为“失之毫厘,谬以千里”;
 反之,则导致低分;
管理时间  规划好时间;
 劳逸结合很重要;
适当解压  有烦心事时,……
注意事项:1. 短文须包括表格中所有提示内容,要求语句通顺、意思连贯;
2. 表格中“适当解压”一栏须用1-2点作适当发挥;
3. 词数在90个左右,短文的开头、结尾部分已给出,不计入总词数。
How to Face Grade Nine
We have been here in Grade Nine, one of the most important years for us students, for over two months. Some of us feel good, while some do not. How should we face this year?
First of all, ________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________________ _____
 Face the year bravely. It is you who shape your life and future!

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