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莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y

专题八 动词及动词短语
1. (2017临沂)Mary and Tony are a pair of pet pigs. The two have recently got a special license so that their ________ can take them for a walk.(own)
2. (2017盐城)At the ________ of the concert, Tan Dun played a piece of music with water. (begin)
3. (2017烟台)The artist doesn't paint for money but for his own ________. (please)
4. (2017玉溪红塔区模拟)A good friend is a good ________. Let's make more good friends. (listen)
5. (2017曲靖一模)Kang Jian realized that Americans could hardly avoid ________ products made in China. (buy)
6. (2018原创)In my opinion, doing some proper homework is necessary and________. (help)
7. (2018原创)Smoking is ________ to teenagers. We should keep away from it.(harm)
8. (2018原创)Email, as well as telephone, is playing an important part in our daily ________. (communicate)
9. (2018原创)It is said that the boy took a part­time job as a________. (wait)
10. (2018原创)It took the________ a month to get to the foot of the mountain.(climb)
11. (2018原创)You should check your answers carefully before________ in your test paper. (hand)
12. (2018原创)As a great________, Thomas Edison made a difference to our life. (invent)
13. (2018原创)I am not satisfied with the service here. I want to speak to the ________. (manage)
14. (2018原创)The teacher asked me to write an________ to my paper. But I didn't know how to start. (introduce)
15. (2018原创)The old film always can  ________ us many memories. (bring)
16. (2018原创)I really enjoy________ when I am in a party. (dance)
17. (2018预测)The flowers need________. Let's water them. (water)
18. (2018预测)Linda was so careless that she cut her finger by a piece of________ glass. (break)
19. (2018预测)Emily is very________ about  winning the first prize in the English speech. (excite)
20. (2018预测)It is________ that he finished the difficult task by himself. (believe)
1. (2017曲靖一模)In Western countries, teenagers are allowed to ________________ at the age of eighteen. (搬出去)
2. (2017曲靖麒麟区二模)As teenagers, we should do what we can ________________to improve our environment.(采取行动)
3. (2017玉溪红塔区模拟)I should believe that anything is possible if we ________________. (努力学习)
4. (2018原创)My father suggests that we should ________________ for a change this weekend. (出去吃)
5. (2018原创)I get up at six every morning, and________________ at seven. (吃早餐)
6.(2018原创)I think________________ can bring us more advantages than disadvantages. Pets are just like our friends. (养宠物)
7. (2018原创)The teacher warned the pupils not to ________________ on the thin ice. (滑冰)
8. (2018原创)I couldn't help laughing when Lin Tao ________________ in class. (做鬼脸)
9. (2018原创)I think it's a great idea that now people should ________________ plastic bags in some stores. (付款)
10. (2018原创)Tommy is a clever boy and quick at thinking. He can always ________________ correctly in class. (回答问题)
11. (2018原创)We should neither________________ onto the ground nor spit in public places. (扔垃圾)
12. (2018原创)I find it necessary to ________________ the custom of a country before you go there. (了解)
13. (2018预测)Students should________________ listening to the teacher in class. (注意)
14. (2018预测)Let's ask Michael for help. I think he can ________________ a good idea about how to deal with this problem. (想出)
15. (2018预测)Clare used to collect cards, but now she likes to________________. (集邮)
1. (2017重庆A卷)There are so many fish swimming in the pool. They ________ very happy.
A. taste                B. smell          C. sound          D. look
2. (2017天津)When you break the rules, you should ________ to your teacher.
A. apologize           B. introduce        C. expect         D. compare
3. (2017 安徽)It is necessary for schools to ________ the need of all the students' development.
A. cut                B. hide            C. refuse         D. satisfy
4. (2017连云港)The newly­opened company ________ the local people with more chances to work.
A. gives              B. provides         C. offers        D. shows
5. (2017淮安)—How long can a person ________ a shared bike(共享单车) for free in Nanjing?
—For an hour.
A. keep              B. get              C. borrow        D. lend
6. (2017扬州)—What are you reading?
—A book about a baseball player. This guy was well ________ for his devotion to charity work.
A. enjoyed           B. respected         C. behaved       D. expected
7. (2017青岛)These oranges look nice, but ________ very sour.
A. feel              B. taste             C. sound          D. look
8. (2017滨州改编)As a teacher, I really feel worried to see so many students ________ glasses.
A. wearing          B. dressing          C. putting on       D. being in
9. (2017襄阳改编)—Great! Our women’s volleyball team ________ the gold medal in Rio Olympic Games on Saturday!
—Yes. We see the great spirit of Chinese women’s volleyball team once again!
A. won            B. beat               C. lost           D. missed
10. (2017昆明五华区一模)We can ________ a word's meaning by reading the sentences before and after it.
A. guess           B. admire             C. repeat        D. review
11. (2018原创)—Did you ________ WeChat’s online red packet activity during the Spring Festival?
—Of course.
A. join            B. share               C. play           D. have
12. (2018原创)This kind of silk________ soft and smooth. I would like to make a dress with it.
A. smells   B. sounds      C. feels     D. tastes
13. (2018原创)Since the roads are very terrible, the journey ________ me a long time.
A. cost          B. took             C. paid             D. spent
14. (2018原创)Trust is the easiest thing in the world to________, so never try lying to the people who trust us.
A. lose          B. share             C. expect          D. afford
15. (2018原创)Look at this beautiful picture. Under the blue sky, the white snow ________ the green mountains.
A. hides         B. covers            C. reaches         D. crosses
16. (2018原创)—Tom, let’s hang out after school.
—Sorry. I have ________ Frank to work on the biology report with him.
A. advised       B. expected           C. promised      D. allowed
17. (2018原创)Susan ________ to wear clothes made of cotton. She thinks they are very comfortable.
A. dares         B. prefers             C. hates        D. scares
18. (2018原创)—I can’t find my keys! How can we enter the house?
—Maybe you ________ them in the car.
A. caught        B. forgot              C. took        D. left
19. (2018原创)If everyone ________ his love to others, the world will be more beautiful.
A. values        B. loses               C. gives       D. ignores
20. (2018原创)The famous singer ________  money for the homeless people last week.
A. kept         B. borrowed            C. raised       D. saved
21. (2018原创)—What kind of music do you like?
—Well, I like soft music. It ________ nice.
A. tastes        B. looks                C. feels      D. sounds
22. (2018原创)Teachers should ________ their students to practice speaking English as much as possible so that they can improve their oral English.
A. encourage     B. introduce            C. make      D. keep
23. (2018原创)—We’ll go to plant trees next week.
—Great! Planting trees is of great fun. I'd like to ________ you.
A. follow        B. visit                C. invite     D. meet
24. (2018原创)Knowing how to________ a map can help you when you are traveling in a strange place.
A. read          B. watch               C. look     D. see
25. (2018原创)I would like to take this chance to ________ my thanks to you, Miss Liu. Thanks for your help.
A. invent        B. express              C. describe   D. explain
26. (2018原创)Sometimes life isn't as perfect as we________. We must accept the disappointment in life, but we should never lose heart.
A. imagine      B. finish                C. mind      D. know
27. (2018原创)Lucy, put your medicine in a higher place, so your younger sister can't ________ it.
A. reach        B. receive               C. refuse     D. arrive
28. (2018预测)—Congratulations! You are ________ to be a volunteer to the Children's Home.
—Thank you. I’ll try my best to help the disabled children.
A. chosen      B. refused                C. made     D. wished
29. (2018预测)I usually ________ about two hours reading books every day, because reading enriches my mind.
A. cost        B. pay                   C. take      D. spend
30. (2018预测)—Would you please help me repair the computer now?
—Sorry. I’m too busy and I don't even have a minute to________.
A. spare       B. think                   C. understand    D. know


1. (2017重庆A卷)No one can be right all the time. When people make mistakes, we shouldn’t________them.
 A. wait for                                         B. send for
C. knock at                                        D. laugh at
2. (2017河南)Don't know where your kids are in the house? Turn off the Internet and they'll________ quickly.
A. get up                                          B. stand up
C. show up                                        D. hurry up
3. (2017泰安)—Oh, my God! I have______five pounds.
—Don't worry. It's normal for a growing teenage girl.
A. put up                                         B. put off
C. put on                                         D. put down
4. (2017广西四市)You should ________ your shoes before you enter the dance room.
A. take off          B. put off         C. get off        D. fall off
5. (2017荆州)—What’s the news about?
—People near the lake didn't allow them to ________ a factory so as not to pollute the water.
A. look up                                       B. put up
C. take up                                       D. set up
6. (2017襄阳)In a soccer game, it's important for players to play together and ________ the best in each other.
A. hand out                                     B. leave out
C. bring out                                    D. take out
7. (2017岳阳改编)The government of China ________ the idea of A Belt and A Road in 2013.
A. came up with                               B. cheered up
C. put up                                     D. pick up
8. (2017昆明五华区一模)—I am afraid we just ________ paper.
—That's too bad. Let me get some more now.
A. warmed up                                B. brought up
C. ate up                                    D. used up
9. (2017盘龙区一模)—Why does she look so tired today?
—It is because she________ late last night to prepare for the test.
A. set up                                   B. stayed up
C. got up                                   D. put up
10. (2017昆明官渡区一模)—Let’s listen to the weather report.
—OK. Could you ________ the TV a little? I can't hear clearly.
A. turn on                                  B. turn off
C. turn up                                   D. turn down
11. (2017大理统考)It's necessary for the phubbers(低头族) to ________ the time they spend on their smart phones.
A. cut off                                    B. cut in
C. cut down                                  D. cut up
12. (2017曲靖一模)—Mom, what should I do next?
—Please help me ________ all the clothes on the bed.
A. come out                                 B. try out
C. work out                                 D. lay out
13. (2018原创)A true friend will never________ from you when you're in trouble.
A. take away                               B. run away
C. put away                                D. give away
14. (2018原创)The whole family ________ the missing dog for several days,but they couldn't find it anywhere.
A. waited for                              B. looked for   
C. cared for                               D. left for  
15. (2018原创)Tell me the time when you will  ________ the airport. I will tell my brother to pick you up then.
A. point at                               B. knock at
C. shout at                               D. arrive at
16. (2018原创)I often ________ the lessons with my good friends. It is good for us to exchange some ideas with each other.
A. go over                      B. think over   
C. turn over                             D. get over
17. (2018原创)There was a fire in the hotel last Friday. Luckily, it was soon ________.
A. turned on                             B. turned off
C. put on                                D. put out
18. (2018原创)To keep safe, please ________ the machine when anything goes wrong with it.
A. turn up                                B. turn on 
C. turn out                                D. turn off
19. (2018原创)I prefer to make friends and I choose my friends according to their characters and how we________.
A. get in                                B. get up 
C. get on                                D. get off
20. (2018原创)Some students often________their homework until the last minute.
A. cut off                                B. keep off
C. put off                                D. turn off
21. (2018原创)—Why not ________ some of our old clothes to the poor children? They are in great need of them.
—Sounds great.
A. give away                               B. give up
C. give in                                  D. give off
22. (2018原创)Life is a journey with difficulties, but with care and wisdom you can________ any problem you face.
A. work out                        B. hand out    
C. find out                        D. put out
23. (2018原创)—Tom, I like J.K.Rowling very much. Do you know when her new novel will ________?
—Maybe next year.
A. come back                            B. come from
C. come on                              D. come out
24. (2018预测)He ________ a piece of waste paper, and put it into the rubbish bag.
A. picked up                             B. looked up
C. threw away                            D. handed in
25. (2018预测)The plane to Chengdu ________ just now. You have to wait until tomorrow.
A. took off                              B. took after
C. took out                              D. took away
一、1. owner 【解析】句意: Mary 和Tony是一对宠物猪。这两头猪最近得到了一份特殊的证件以至于它们的________能带它们外出散步。根据句意可知是猪的主人, a pair of可知此处的两头猪的主人是同一个人,应该用单数。故填owner。
2. beginning 【解析】句意:在演唱会的开始,谭盾用水演奏了一首音乐。at the beginning of...在……的开始,为固定短语,故begin变为名词形式beginning。
3. pleasure 【解析】句意:这位画家画画不是为了钱,而是为了他自己的________。分析句子结构可知,空格处填名词。根据提示词可知填pleasure。
4. listener 【解析】句意:一个好朋友就是一个好的________。让我们结交更多的好朋友吧。分析语境可知横线处需要用一个指人的名词作表语,根据所设空前不定冠词a,可知此处名词用单数,故填listener。
5. buying 【解析】句意:康健意识到美国人几乎不能避免买中国制造的产品。avoid doing sth.避免做某事。故填buying。
6. helpful 【解析】句意:在我看来,做一些适当的功课是必要的和有益的。and连接并列成分,所以此处需填形容词,且由句意可知是有用的。故填helpful。
7. harmful 【解析】句意:吸烟对我们青少年有害。我们应该远离它is后需接表语,由提示词可知应为harmful。be harmful to...对……有害。故填harmful。
8. communication 【解析】句意:电子邮件和电话一样,在我们的日常交流中发挥着重要的作用。分析句子结构可知,形容词daily应修饰名词,故填communication。
9. waiter 【解析】句意:据说那个男孩兼职做服务生。根据空前a可知此处缺少名词,且为单数形式,再由句意可知是当服务生。故填waiter。
10. climber 【解析】句意:登山者跋涉到山脚下花了1个月时间。分析句子结构可知空处缺少名词作宾语,再由this可知用单数形式。故填climber。
11. handing 【解析】句意:你应该在交试卷之前仔细检查一下你的答案。分析句子结构可知此处需填动词,且位于介词before之后应用动名词,故填handing。
12. inventor 【解析】句意:作为一位伟大的________,托马斯•爱迪生对我们的生活有很大影响。根据空前形容词great可知此处缺少名词,且由常识可知爱迪生是发明家。故填inventor。
13. manager 【解析】句意:我对这里的服务不满意。我想要跟________谈谈。由句子结构可知,此处需填名词。根据语境可知是指要找经理。故填manager。
14. introduction 【解析】句意:老师让我为我的论文写一个________。但我不知道如何开始。由句子结构可知,此处需填名词作宾语。故填introduction。
15. bring 【解析】句意:老电影总是能带给我们很多回忆。情态动词can后跟动词原形,故填bring。
16. dancing 【解析】句意:当我参加聚会时,我真的很喜欢跳舞。enjoy doing sth.喜欢做某事。故填dancing。
17. watering 【解析】句意:这些花需要浇水,让我们给它们浇点水吧。need doing sth.需要做某事(表被动)。故填watering。
18. broken 【解析】句意:琳达是如此不小心以至于她被一片碎玻璃划破了手指。根据空后名词glass可知此处缺少形容词,且由句意可知是破碎的。故填broken。
19. excited 【解析】句意:在英语演讲中赢得第一名,埃米莉激动不已。结合句意和主语Emily可知此处需用修饰人的形容词excited。故填excited。
20. unbelievable 【解析】句意:他独自完成了那项艰难的任务,真是________。分析句子结构可知is后缺少形容词作表语,且由句意可知他独自完成那项艰难的任务是令人难以置信的。故填unbelievable。
二、1. move out 【解析】句意:在西方国家,青少年在18岁时被允许搬出去住。move out意为“搬出去”,不定式符号to后面加动词原形。故填move out。
2. to take action 【解析】句意:作为青少年,我们应该尽我们所能来采取行动去改善我们的环境。分析句子结构可知,空格处所填的短语“采取行动”在句中作目的状语,应该使用动词不定式形式。采取行动take action。故填to take action。
3. study hard 【解析】句意:我应该相信如果我们努力学习,任何事情都是有可能的。努力学习study hard。主语为we,该句为一般现在时,故填study hard。
4. eat out 【解析】句意:我的爸爸建议我们这周改变一下,出去吃。eat out出去吃,情态动词should后面跟动词原形。故填eat out。
5. have breakfast 【解析】句意:我早上六点钟起床,七点钟吃早餐。吃早餐have breakfast,根据every morning可知时态为一般现在时,主语为I,故无需变形。
6. keeping pets 【解析】句意:我认为养宠物利大于弊。宠物就像我们的朋友一样。养宠物keep pets,分析句子结构可知此处缺少主语,应用动名词短语做主语,且表示泛指某一件事,故填keeping pets。
7. go skating 【解析】句意:老师警告学生不要在薄冰上滑冰。滑冰go skating,warn sb. not to do sth.警告某人不要做某事,故填go skating。
8. made a face/faces 【解析】句意为:当林涛在课堂上做鬼脸时,我情不自禁地笑了起来。做鬼脸make faces,根据couldn't 可知用一般过去时,故填made a face/faces。
9. pay for 【解析】句意:在一些商店里,人们现在要为塑料袋付款,我认为这是一个好主意。付款pay for,should后跟动词原形,故填pay for。
10. answer questions 【解析】句意:汤米是个聪明的男孩儿并且他思维敏捷。他总是能够正确地回答课上的问题。回答问题answer question,且根据情态动词can可知无需变形。课堂上肯定不止一个问题,应用复数形式,故填answer questions。
11. throw litter 【解析】句意:我们既不应该把垃圾扔到地上,也不应该在公共场所吐痰。扔垃圾throw litter,情态动词should后接动词原形,故填throw litter。
12. learn/know about 【解析】句意:我觉得在你去一个国家之前了解这个国家的风俗习惯是有必要的。了解learn/know about,it是形式宾语,动词不定式是真正的宾语,to后接动词原形。故填learn/know about。
13. pay attention to 【解析】句意:学生在课堂上应该注意听讲。pay attention to注意,情态动词can后跟动词原形。故填pay attention to。
14. come up with 【解析】句意:让我们找迈克尔帮忙吧。我认为他能想出一个解决这个问题的好办法。come up with想出,情态动词can后跟动词原形。故填come up with。
15. collect stamps 【解析】句意:克莱尔过去常常收集卡片,但现在她喜欢集邮。集邮collect stamps,like to do sth.喜欢做某事。故填collect stamps。
三、1. D 【解析】考查感官动词词义辨析。句意:池子里有许多鱼在游。它们________非常开心。taste尝起来;smell闻起来;sound听起来;look看起来。分析句意及联系语境可知,鱼自由自在地在池子里游,看起来非常开心,故选D。
2.  A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:当你违反规定的时候,你应该向你的老师________。apologize道歉;introduce介绍;expect期待;compare比较。根据句意和常识可知,违反规定了,就应该向老师道歉,故选A。
3. D 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:对于学校来说,________所有学生发展的需求是有必要的。cut切断;hide隐藏;refuse拒绝;satisfy满足。由句意推知,这里指的是“满足所有学生的发展需求”。故选D。
4. B 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:这家新开的公司为当地的人们________更多的工作机会。gives给予,常用于give sb. sth.或give sth. to sb.结构;provides提供,常用于provide sb. with sth.或provide sth. for sb.结构;offers提供,供给,常用于offer sb. sth.或offer to do sth.结构;shows展示,常用于show sb. sth.或show sth. to sb.结构。根据句意及空后的with可知此处应用provides。故选B。
5. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“一个人在南京可以免费________共享单车多久?”“一个小时。”keep保有;get得到;borrow借入;lend借出。根据For可知应填延续性动词。故选A。
6. B 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“你在读什么?”“有关一位棒球运动员的书。这个人因为致力于慈善事业而很________。”enjoyed喜欢;respected尊敬;behaved行为;expected期望。分析语境可知此处表示这个运动员因为致力于慈善事业而受到尊敬。故选B。
8. A 【解析】考查近义动词辨析。句意为:作为一名教师,看到这么多的学生________眼镜,我确实感到担忧。wear穿戴,表状态;dressing穿,表动作;putting on穿,表动作;being in后加颜色,表示穿什么颜色的衣服。wearing glasses戴眼镜,为固定搭配。故选A。
7. B 【解析】考查感观动词词义辨析。句意:这些橘子看起来很好,但是________很酸。feel 感觉;taste 尝起来;sound 听起来;look 看起来。由sour一词可以得知taste符合语意,故选B。
9. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“太棒了!我们女排在周六的里约奥运会上________金牌!”“是的。我们再一次看到了伟大的中国女排精神!”won表示赢得比赛、名次、奖牌; beat后跟竞争对手,打败某人或某队; lost表示输了比赛,或输给某人; missed表错过或想念。根据空格后的“the gold medal”可知选A。
10. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:通过阅读单词的前后句子我们可以________一个单词的意思。guess猜测;admire仰慕,钦佩;repeat重复;review复习。根据句意可知此处是指猜测的一个单词的意思,故选A。
11. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“春节期间你________微信红包活动吗?”“当然。”join参加;share分享;play玩耍;have有。根据句意可知参加红包活动。故选A。
12. C 【解析】考查感官动词词义辨析。句意:这种丝绸________又软又滑。我想用它做件裙子。smells闻起来;sounds听起来;feels感觉;摸起来;tastes尝起来。根据句意可知是摸起来,故选C。
13. B 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:因为路况非常糟糕,这次旅行________很长一段时间。cost 的主语通常是事或物(包括形式主语 it),不能是人;take 的主语可以是事或物(包括形式主语 it),也可以是人; pay 的主语只能是人;spend 的主语也只能是人。cost 的宾语补足语通常是钱;take 的宾语通常是时间;pay的宾语补足语只能是钱;而spend的宾语则可以是时间、钱或精力。本句中主语为物,后跟时间,故选B。
14. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:信任是这个世界上最容易________的东西。因此永远不要尝试着对信任我们的人撒谎。lose丢失,输掉;share分享;expect期望;afford支付得起。根据语境并结合常识可知此处表示最容易失去。故选A。
15. B 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:看这幅美丽的画。在蓝蓝的天空下,白色的雪________青山。hides隐藏;covers覆盖;reaches到达;crosses穿过。由句意可知,应该是白色的雪覆盖着青山,故选B。
16. C 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“汤姆,我们放学后一起去逛吧。”“抱歉,我已经________弗兰克和他一起写生物报告。”advised建议;expected期待;promised承诺;allowed允许。根据语境可知,此处指已经承诺别人了,promise sb. to do sth.承诺某人做某事,为固定搭配。故选C。
17. B 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:苏珊________穿棉质衣服。她认为它们穿着很舒服。dares敢;prefers更喜欢;hates讨厌;scares害怕。因为棉质衣服舒服,因此苏珊更喜欢穿它们。故选B。
18. D 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“我找不到我的钥匙了!我们怎么进家门呢?”“你可能把它们________车上了。”caught抓住;forgot忘记;took拿,取;left丢下,落下。根据语境可知应是将钥匙落在车上了,故选D。
19. C 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:如果每个人把他的爱________别人,世界将变得更美好。values珍惜;loses丢失;gives给予;ignores忽视。根据语境可知用gives,即“如果每个人把他的爱献给别人,世界将变得更美好。”,故选C。
20. C 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:上周,这位著名的歌手为无家可归的人________钱。kept保存;borrowed借;raised筹集;saved节省。根据常识,歌手通常以举办音乐会的形式为无家可归的人筹款,故选C。
21. D 【解析】考查感官动词词义辨析。句意“你喜欢哪种音乐?”“我喜欢轻音乐。它________美妙。”tastes尝起来;looks看起来;feels感觉起来;sounds听起来。分析句意并结合常识可知,歌曲应该是听起来很美妙,故选D。
22. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:老师们应该________他们的学生尽可能多地练习说英语,以便可以提高他们的英语口语(水平)。encourage鼓励;introduce介绍;make使;keep保持。根据句意可知应是老师鼓励学生说英语,故选A。
23. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“下周我们将要去植树。”“太棒了!植树很有趣。我想________你们。”follow跟随;visit参观,拜访;invite邀请;meet遇见。根据语境可知应是想要跟随一同前往去植树,故选A。
24. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:当你在一个陌生的地方旅行时,知道如何________地图可以帮助你。read 阅读,看(书、报纸、杂志等);watch 观看(比赛、电影、电视等);look 看(强调动作);see 看见(强调结果)。看地图应该用“read a map”来表示,故选A。
25. B 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:我想利用这个机会向您________我的感谢,刘老师。谢谢您的帮助。invent发明;express表达;describe描述;explain解释,说明。根据句意可知应是表达感谢,故选B。
26. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:有时候生活不是和我们________中的一样完美。我们必须接受我们生活中的失望,但是我们永远都不应该丧失信心。imagine 想象;finish 完成;mind 介意;know 知道,懂得。分析句意可知此处是指生活并不像“我们”想像得那么完美。imagine符合题意。故选A。
27. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:露西,把你的药放在一个更高的地方,这样你的妹妹就不能________它。reach 到达,够得着;receive 收到;refuse 拒绝;arrive 到达,不及物动词。由语境可知,把药放在更高的地方后,妹妹就够不着了,故选A。
28. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“祝贺你!你被________为儿童之家的一名志愿者。”“谢谢你。我将会尽我最大的努力帮助残疾儿童。”chosen 选择;refused拒绝;made 制造,使得;wished 希望。由答语“Thank you. I'll try my best to help the disabled children.”可知是被选中去当志愿者,故选A。
29. D 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意:我每天通常________大约两个小时读书,因为阅读充实我的思想。四个选项都有“花费”的意思,当表示“某人花费多少时间做某事”时,用句型“sb.+spend+时间/金钱+doing+sth.”,故选D。
30. A 【解析】考查动词词义辨析。句意“请问你现在能帮助我修理电脑吗?”“对不起,我太忙了,甚至没有一分钟________。”spare分出,空出;think认为;understand理解;know知道。根据语境可知是没有一分钟是空出来的,A项符合语境。故选A。
1. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:没有人总是正确的。当人们犯错误的时候,我们不应该________他们。wait for等待;send for召唤,派人去请;knock at敲;laugh at嘲笑。分析句意并结合常识可知,人无完人,不应该嘲笑犯错误的人,故选D。
2. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:不知道你的小孩在房间哪里?关掉网络,他们就________了。get up起床;stand up站起来;show up出现,露面;hurry up赶快。根据句意可知此处指出现、露面。故选C。
3. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:“哦,天哪!我________了5磅。”“别担心。对于一个正长身体的青少年女孩来说是正常的。” put up举起,搭建;pick up捡起;put off 推迟;put on增加,穿上;put down 放下,写下。put on weight 增加体重,为固定搭配。故选C。
4. A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:你应该________你的鞋子在你进入舞蹈室之前。take off 脱下,起飞;put off 推迟;get off下车;fall;off掉落。抓住“dance room”和“shoes”关键词可知此处指“脱掉”。故选A。
5. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意“新闻讲的是什么? ”“湖周围的人们不允许他们________工厂来污染水。”look up向上看;put up张贴,举起;take up从事;set up建立。根据句意可知此处指的是不允许建造工厂,故选D。
6. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:在一场足球比赛中,球员一起踢球并________每个人的最佳状态是重要的。hand out分发;leave out遗漏,忽略;bring out拿出来,使显现,使表现出;take out拿出。根据句意可知此处指带出、激发最佳状态。故选C。
7. A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意为:中国政府在2013年就________“一带一路”的想法。came up with想出;cheered up 使……高兴;put up张贴,举起,搭建。根据语境可知此处表达中国政府在2013年就提出了“一带一路”的想法。故选A。
8. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意“恐怕我们的纸张________。”“那太糟糕了。让我现在去多买一些。”warmed up热身,变暖;brought up提出,教育;ate up吃光;used up用光,用尽。结合空后paper及答句“get some”可知此处“用光”符合语境,故选D。
9. B 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意“为什么她今天看起来如此累?”“那是因为她昨晚________为考试做准备。”set up建立;stayed up熬夜;got up起床;put up举起。根据她看起来如此累可知她昨晚熬夜了,故选B。
10. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意“咱们一起听天气预报吧!”“好的。你能把电视声音稍微________吗?我听不清楚。”turn on打开;turn off关掉;turn up调大;turn down调小。根据答语的I can't hear clearly可知应是把电视声音开大点,故选C。
11. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:对于低头族来说,________他们花在智能手机上的时间是有必要的。cut off切除;cut in插入;cut down减少;cut up切碎。根据空前提及低头族可知本句应是指减少花智能手机上的时间,故选C。
12. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意“妈妈,接下来我应该做什么?”“请帮我把所有的衣服________在床上。”come out开花,结果,出版;try out试验,选拔;work out解决出,计算出;lay out展开,陈设。结合语境可知是把衣服在床上铺开。D项符合语境,故选D。
13. B 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:一个真正的朋友决不会在你有困难的时候________你。take away带走;run away离开,逃跑;put away放好,收起来;give away损赠。根据句意可知此处指的是离开你。故选B。
14. B 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。全家都________丢失的狗好几天了,但他们在哪里都找不到它。waited for等待;looked for寻找;cared for喜欢;关心;left for动身,前往。根据句意可知此处指寻找。故选B。
15. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:告诉我你________飞机场的时间。到时候我让我哥哥(弟弟)去接你。point at 指向;knock at敲;shout at 冲……大声叫嚷;arrive at 到达。结合句意可知是指到达机场。故选D。
16. A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:我经常和我的好朋友们一起________功课。对我们来说,相互交流一下想法是好的。go over 复习;think over 考虑;turn over 翻转;get over克服。分析句意可知此处是复习/重温功课。故选A。
17. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:这个旅馆上周五发生了火灾。幸运地是,火很快被________。turned on打开;turned off关掉;put on穿上,张贴;put out熄灭。根据句意可知是火被熄灭了,故选D。
18. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:为了保证安全,当机器出现故障时,请关掉它。turn up调大;turn on打开;turn out证明,结果是;turn off 关掉。根据句意可知是关掉机器,故选D。
19. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:我更喜欢交朋友并且我根据他们的性格以及我们如何________来选择朋友。get in 进入;get up 起床;get on相处;get off 下车。根据句意应为如何相处。故选 C。
20. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:一些学生经常________他们的作业到最后关头。cut off切除;keep off使……不接近,回避某话题;put off推迟;turn off关掉。根据句意可知此处指推迟。故选C。
21. A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意“为什么不把我们的一些旧衣服________给穷孩子?他们真的很需要它们。”“听起来不错。”give away捐赠;give up放弃;give in让步,屈服;give off发出,长出。根据句意可知是将旧衣服捐赠出去,故选A。
22. A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:生活是一场充满困难的旅行,但是有了细心与智慧,你能________你所面对的任何问题。work out解决;hand out分发;find out发现;put out熄灭,出版。根据句意可知是你能解决问题。故选A。
23. D 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意“汤姆,我非常喜欢JK罗琳。你知道她的新小说什么时候________?”“也许明年吧。”come back回来;come from来自;come on快点;come out出现,出版,发行。根据句意可知,应该是她的新小说什么时候出版。故选D。
24. A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:他________一片废纸,并放进垃圾袋。picked up捡起;looked up查阅;threw away扔掉;handed in上交。根据句意可知是捡起废纸,故选A。
25. A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意为:飞往成都的飞机刚刚________。你不得不等到明天。took off起飞;took after相像;took out出去,发泄;took away带走,拿走。根据句意可知是飞机起飞。故选A。

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