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w.5 Y k J.cOm

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A,B ,C,和D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。
Are you interested in movie musicals? Here are some best movie musicals you need to watch.
Singin’ in the Rain(1952)
Debbie Reynolds(the heroine) is ultra-charming in this time-honored classic musical about the coming of the talking pictures in movie history. She plays a winning showgirl with a golden singing voice designed for Hollywood stars. You can also see how Gene Kelly (the hero) made a hit in the timeless “Singin’ in the Rain”.
The Sound of Music(1965)
It hit the big screen in1965 and became an early blockbuster, It’s one of those movies that everybody watches again and again. Whether you’re singing along to “Do-Re-Mi” or “My Favorite Things”, you’ll still think of the cute Von Trapp children and the beautiful Austrian setting. Christopher Plummer(the hero) is wonderful as the serious captain melts into gentleness when singing “Edelweiss”. And Julie Andrews(the heroine)shows her addictive voice in such songs as “I Have Confidence”
Renee Zellweger and Cahterine Zeta-Jones sing and dance as criminals in this musical about fame, envy, and murderous love. Famous songs include “Cell Block Tango”, where female criminals sing about how  they ended up in jail. It won Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, and Best Sound in Oscar 2003.
La La Land(2016)
Struggling actress Mia(Emma Stone) and ambitious jazz pianist Sebas tian(Ryan Gosling) begin a romance as they both follow their heart in the path of their dreams in Los Angeles. It won Best Actress, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Original song, and Best Pro duction Design in Oscar 2017.
21. Which movie music al marks a change in the movie history?
A. Chicago    B.  Singin’ in the Rain  C.La la Land  D. The Sound of Music
22. In which song will you feel gentleness from a serious man?
A. “Do-Re-Mi”.  B.“Singin’ in the Rain”.    C.“Edelweiss”. D.“Cell Block tango”.
23. If you are interested in jazz music, whose role will be your favorite?
A. Ryan Gosling’s.   B. Renee Zellweger’s.  C.Catherine Zeta-Jones.
D. Christopher Plummer’s.

A family is a collection of people who share the same genes(基因) but cannot agree on a place to pull over for lunch. Ed and I, plus his parents and sister Doris and eight-year-old niece Alisha, are on a road trip to Yosemite. Ed wants Subway, I want In-N-Out Burger, Doris wants Sonic. In the end, we compromise on McDonald’s, where Alisha will get an action figure.
It’s a three-hour drive to Yosemite, but we’re taking a little longer, as we’re working in a tour of Highway 80’s public restrooms. As the saying goes, “Not one bladder(膀胱) empties but another fills.” Many of these restrooms belong to gas stations. I prefer them to the high-tech ones on planes
We get back on the road. Ed is driving now. When all the tabloids(小报) have been read, the travel has grown tedious and anyone under age 12 asks “Are we there yet?” at ever-shortening internals. Just outside Manteca, California, we stop for coffee. At a Starbucks checkout, Ed buys a CD of Joni Mitchell’s favorite musical picks. The hope is that it will have a calming effect.
As we pull back onto the highway, it starts to pour. Then something amazing happens. As we climb the mountain, the rain turns to snow. The pines are spotted with white. We’re struck dumb(说不出话) by the scene outside. For a solid 15 minutes, everyone forgets about their bladder, their blood sugar and the temperature. Alisha has never seen snow, so we pull over to make snowmen and catch snowflakes on our tongues. Then Ed realizes we need tire chains, and we have to turn back and drive 30miles to Oakhurst. “Good,” says Doris. “There was a very nice restroom there.”
24. Where does the family have lunch?
A. At Sonic.    B. At Subway.  C. At McDonald’s.   D. At In-N-Out Burger.
25. Why does the family spend so much time going to Yosemite?
A. They stop a few times for gas.
B. They go to the toilet frequently.
C. They are affected by the bad weather.
D. They need to rest and refresh themselves.
26. What does the underlined word “tedious” in Paragraph 3 probably mean?
A. Boring.   B. Difficult.  C. Educational.  D. Comfortable.
27. How does the family feel when it snows?
A. Sorry.  B. Excited.  C. Worried.  D. Relaxed.  
I long ago made peace with having a poor eye for art. But in the company of friends who consider themselves art experts, I have learned to nod when looking at a pile of broken dishes titled Fight and say, “Very interesting.”
Be that as it may, not long ago, I unexpectedly came into a small piece of original art that has become my pride.
Two summers back I took a trip to Greenland. I caught a flight out of Iceland and landed on Greenland’s southern tip to mercifully pleasant weather. Seeing it for the first time--with its endless expanses of nothingness---it was difficult for me to grasp that such a place really exists.
My first stop was a settlement called Igaliku. I found a bed in a small hotel. Other guests included two grandmotherly Inuit women and three children. The children were all around 5 years old. It turned out that the women were social workers and the children were three of their charges. I asked if I could take a few pictures. They smiled.
Little Susanne, a little girl, showed great curiosity about my camera. While she examined the camera, I opened my journal and made a few notes. Without warning, Susanne produced some crayons, grabbed the journal, and began to draw in it.
One of the women moved to take Susanne by the arm. I gestured for her not to. “Let her draw. What you see is a naughty kid, but what I see is Greenlandic art,” I said.
That’s how I came into my one piece of original artwork, which hangs proudly on the wall. When visitors pause to admire it, I remark, “I find this artist very gifted, don’t you?”
 And my guests were speechless at my words wondering at my judgment.
28. What can we learn about the author from Paragraph 1?
A. He has difficulty appreciating art.
B. He pretends to be an art expert.
C. He has very good taste in art.
D. He prefers original art.
29. What was the author’s first impression of Greenland?
A. It was difficult to reach.
B. It was below expectations.
C. Its climate was unbearable.
D. Its beauty was beyond words.
30. What did the author do when the little girl drew in his journal?
A. He encouraged her.
B. He photographed her.
C. He gestured her not to.
D. He watched admirably.
31. What did the author’s guests think of his comment on the original artwork?
A. Quite silly.        B. Rather brief.   C. Really realistic.  D. Very intelligent.
A nki has introduced Cozmo, a little robot powered by an advanced artificial intelligence. Cozmo promises to be far more interactive(互动的) than any toy robot.
Cozmo, which can lie in your hand, has a “brain”--- technically its CPU---that can process data amazingly fast. In addition, Cozmo has a playful personality. He’s designed to react to emotions and even ask users to play with him.
Cozmo is not the first interactive toy to reach the market nor is it the first robot toy. What
sets Cozmo apart from the other “smart toys” is that it has greater play value than those toys, which can become repetitious all too quickly.
“Every interaction with Cozmo is different, so you do not put up with repetitive play patterns and responses typically found with other preprogrammed robots,”explained Anki spokesperson Peter Nguyen. Because it has functionality that is similar to that of video games, Cozmo also can receive regular updates, which could extend its playability. Still, Anki has designed this toy to be just that: a toy. It’s not an advanced computerized robo t. Its software is app-based.
Cozmo lacks the “ traditional” human-like robot form factor(要素) of legs, arms, and a head. But Cozmo does have an OLED screen/face with blue eyes, which in fact were designed to help it connect with its user.
“I’m glad my kids are already raised,” said Roger L.Kay, analyst at Endpoint T echnologies Associates. “Otherwise, they might become more antisocial if their relationship with Cozmo is more satisfying than those with real people,” said Kay. “Cozmo might encourage kids to learn more about technology or even inspire them to try programming and similar studies,” said Charles King, analyst at Pund-IT.
Yet this technology does promise to be more than a toy. “It’s a pretty cool invention and might have further applications, for example in elder care,” suggested Kay.
32. What do we know about the appearance of Cozmo?
A. It is small-sized.
B. It is hand-shaped.
C. It has colorful eyes.
D. It looks similar to a traditional robot.
33. What makes Cozmo different from other “smart toys”?
A. It avoids repetition.
B. It is the first robot toy.
C. It can interact with users.
D. It has app-based software.
34. How might Cozmo help kids?
A. By encouraging them to value toys.
B. By exciting their interest in technology.
C. By reminding them to take care of seniors.
D. By helping them communicate with others.
35. What is the best title for the text?
A. A new way of inspiring kids.
B. An advanced computer robot.
C. The development of toy robots.
D. A playmate wanting to know you.
                    Top tips for students doing voluntary holiday work
   I have had some of the best and worst experiences of my life doing volunteers projects. Having taken part in a few such programs before, here are some tips I have picked up.
1. 36  
Many of these schemes are advertised on legal websites, but even these can have
hosts who take advantage of them. These people will advertise something that simply isn’t true and when you arrive the arrangement may be different from what you expected.
2. Choose somewhere with a lot of positive reviews.
Many sites that advertise work projects have a space for reviews. Reviews tend to
mean people have been there. And positive reviews indicate people enjoyed it. Again, be cautious because reviews can be faked.   37 
3. Bring a friend or a few.
  38   And it’s good to have a partner if you end up in a difficult situation. Try to
find a friend with some good skills to travel with you. Trade skills can be very useful.
4.  39  
In one place where I volunteered, a team member complained about having to
work a few hours a day. He didn’t seem to realize it was a small (or no) price to pay to live in a hotel with food and a swimming pool for free.
5. If you find a good place, don’t move on too soon.
If you like the work and you’re getting free food and accommodation, why leave?
   40   Anyway, volunteering is an amazing experience. Enjoy it.
A. Only go if you intend to work.
B. Learn the language of where you are going.
C. It can be nice to have a familiar face around.
D. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
E. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.
F. Besides,  what one person loves may not be your cup of tea.
G. People are likely to ask you to help them with their projects.
阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的A,B ,C,和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
   It was an evening in September when I landed in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia. I was a 19-year-old Dubai-raised kid away from home for the first time to start my undergraduate studies.
I had never travelled alone before. I pushed my 41 and headed to the airport 42 to find a  grey car with the name of my university on it.
As we left the airport, the 43 began talking to me. As I am a driving 44 myself, we started talking about cars and driving.
“Never make a Sarawakian 45 ,” he warned. “No road rage(路怒). Very dangerous!” Not long into our 46 , the lights of the car behind flashed at us. This continued more aggressively and my driver started to 47 . We pulled over to the roadside. My heart was pounding but I tried to put on a(n) 48 face as the man from the car came up and made his way to my side of the car. As he reached my window, I 49 it and tried to 50 a smile.
I looked down at his hands to see that he was 51 my travel bag. It 52 my passport, return tickets, as well as cash and letters for the university. I had left it behind on the trolley at the 53 and this man had been trying to 54 it to me ever since we had left the airport.
Breathing a huge sigh of 55 , I took my bag and 56 this stranger. The man welcomed me to Kuching, wished me luck with my university studies and drove away.
This act of kindness 57 cheered me up and thanks to this honest 58 , the initial self-doubt I had about my decision to 59 so far away from home was 60 with hope  and excitement. 
41. A. presents   B. books   C. luggage   D. bike
42. A. entrance   B. exit     C. building   D. hotel
43. A. driver     B. teacher  C. tourist    D. classmate
44. A. expert    B. athlete   C. coach    D. enthusiast
45. A. nervous    B. angry    C. curious  D. excited
46. A. journey   B. conversation   C. adventure  D. practice
47. A.shout     B. cry        C. panic   D. laugh
48. A. serious   B. kind       C. honest  D. brave
49. A. closed      B. broke    C. lowered   D. knocked
50. A. force     B. hide      C. imagine   D. draw
51. A. unfastening  B. emptying  C. s earching  D. holding
52. A. protected   B. displayed   C. contained  D. collected
53. A. station     B. airport      C. supermarket  D. harbor
54. A. pass       B. deliver     C. offer     D. return
55. A.doubt     B. regret       C. relief     D. sadness
56. A. comforted  B. thanked   C. praised   D. satisfied
57. A. regularly   B. normally   C. occasionally  D.instantly
58. A. stranger   B. student   C. policeman    D. attendant
59. A. live     B. study      C. play      D. work
60. A. replaced  B. filled    C. covered   D. crowded
There is a new way to enjoy Hunan's mountainous landscapes---though you might be too 61.______(terrify) to appreciate the beautiful views because of its height. A 100-meter-long glass skywalk, a round a cliff(悬崖) on Tianmen Mountain in the southern Chinese province, has been opened to 62 .______public.
Some visitors could be seen holding to the cliff’s side, others rolling around on the 1.6-meter-wide glass floor, selfie(自拍) stick held high. 63. ______(call) the “C oiling Dragon Cliff” skywalk, the glass walkway is the third of its kind in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area.
The dramatic walkway 64.______name means “Avenue to the sky” overlooks Tongtian Avenue, a mountain road with ninety-nine 65._____(turn) that snakes up Tianmen Mountain in Hunan’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.
This isn’t the first Zhangjiajie 66.______(attract) to take advantage of the area’s beautiful surroundings. Cable cars have been constructed 67.____(pick) up passengers from a nearby railway station and deliver them 68.____ the top of Tianmen Mountain.
Walking on it on a sunny day, a vertical drop of thousands of meters below can be 69.______ (clear) seen. It gives visitors the thrill of feeling like they are walking in the sky. It is definitely unsuitable for those who are not brave.
The glass walkway closes when it 70. ______(cover) by ice and snow in winter.
注意:1 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
         2 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不记分。
In September, I went on a training course improve my level of English. Our teacher was Andrew, the native English speaker from America. He was a very nice person and learning about English with him were not boring. Her classes were real fun, always begin with beautiful English songs . And the song mostly contained a lot of useful vocabulary, phrases and expressions. During the course, I also learned how to prepare a theater play, that was very interested. For me it was an unforgettable experience, so I spent a wonderful time doing it and I learned a lot.

第二节 书面表达(满分25分)
1. 写信目的
2. 自我介绍
3. 希望得到回复
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。










21--23 BCA    24--27 CBAB  28--31 ADDA     32--35AABD
36--40 EFCAD
41---45 CBADB    46---50 ACDCA   51---55 DCBDC
56---60 BDABA
61.terrified 62.the 63.Called 64.whose 65.turns 66.attraction 67. to pick 68. to 69. clearly 70. is covered
1. improve 前加to   2. native前的the改为a  3. 删去learning 后的about
4.him后的were --was  5. Her--His  6. begin--beginning
7.song--songs   8. that--which  9. interested--interesting
10.so --because/and
Dear Sir/Madam,
I’ve learned from the Internet that you’re looking for a part-time teacher who can teach making lanterns. I think I’m suitable for the job.
First, my hometown is famous for making lanterns and I grasped the skill when I was young. Therefore, I am quite familiar with the design and process of making lanterns. Besides, as an exchange student, I have a good command of English, so you would need less time to  train me. Also, I think I have all the qualities of a good teacher. I’d be grateful if you would consid er my application.
I’m looking forward to your reply.
                                    Yours faithfully,
                                     Li Hua


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